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How to open PRG file extension?

If you come across some file extension for the first time, select a proper program to work with this file format.

PRG file extension

The files used by us on electronic devices have various file extensions thanks to which we know what data is contained by a given file. One of the file formats used on computers is PRG file extension. The full name of this file format is Program File. The producer of this format is N/A.

If you have a file with such file extension on your computer and you do not know how to start it, you are at the right website.

If you do not know what to do with PRG file, it is worth to click on it twice. Windows System will automatically find the programs which can open a file of a given format or producer. If even the operating system is not able to help, then the proper software used to open files with PRG file extension is not installed on the computer.

Thanks to the installation of a proper program you can not only view the content of such file, but also edit it and save it on the hard disk of your computer. Therefore, it is worth to think about downloading a free or paid application characterized with proper functionality. Below you can find a list of applications that are adequate for PRG files on various operating systems:

File type : Program File

File type : Visual FoxPro Program File

File type : RAPID Program File


- ABB RobotStudio
- Any text editor

File type : PC-DMIS Part Program File

File type : WAVmaker Patch File

File type : RPG Toolkit Program File


- RPG Toolkit

File type : Akai MPC2000 Program File

File type : Commodore Program File


- CCS64

File type : xBase Program File


- dataBased Intelligence dBASE
- Harbor MiniGUI
- Clipper

File type : GEM Application


- Gemulator

Useful advice
Sometimes it can be so that you have a proper program installed on your computer, but the system still cannot deal with it. It is worth to try changing the association in registry. Thanks to this, Windows will associate the file with proper application. Scanning the registry and searching for errors of such type ma solve many problems concerning improper launch of application.

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