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In our service you can find a lot of useful information on the methods of opening or edition of many types of files. The extensions are divided alphabetically and into categories.

What is the file extension?

Each user of the computer uses many types of files while operating his devices. They enable him to have fun, to work, study and to perform many other activities. Files on the screen of monitor are visible in form of small icons. However, one has to remember that the icons are not a sufficient marking of files. A few text files may constitute an example. Some of them have very similar or even identical icons, therefore it would be impossible to recognise if the file is saved in the format we expect. The name of the file format is given by its creator. Thanks to it, we can get the basic information on tits content.

Each file name has an ending consisting o 3 or 4 characters after a last dot. It is a very important element called file extension. Thanks to it, we know if a given file is for example a text file or a movie file. This sequence of characters has a very high informative value, therefore it is worth to get acquainted with the basic extensions of various types of files. If you acquainted an file extension that you have not used before, on our website you will find information about it and programs which help you use a given file.

Here are a few most popular extensions in their categories:

a) The most popular text files
- .txt
- .doc
- .docx
- .rtf
- and many others
b) The most popular sound files
- .wav
- .mp3
- and many others
c) The most popular graphical files
- .bmp
- .jpg
- .gif
- and many others
d) The most popular video files
- .avi
- .rmvb
- .mp4
- and many others

Of course there are many other types of files and their extensions. Thanks to this few letters after a last dot in their name, it is easy to select an application to use a given type of file. Knowledge on the file extensions is a valuable knowledge which makes the work at computer very easy. However, it is not necessary to remember all file formats – you can use our website to quickly find information on a given file extension.

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